Saints Still Looking to Make a Move in League Play After a 12-3 Loss Against Foresters

Pasadena, CA- The Arroyo Seco Saints faced a challenging battle Tuesday night against the Santa Barbara Foresters. The Foresters boast an impressive roster that showed Tuesday as the Saints fell 12-3 in their matchup. The Saints displayed unwavering determination and drive throughout the game but ultimately could not keep up with the Forester’s offensive dominance.  

From the first pitch, it was evident that the Foresters came to win. Their lead-off hitter Daniel Patterson started things off with a single and went on to steal two bases before advancing to home plate. Brayden Matthews (Walters State) was the starting pitcher for the Saints and posted one strikeout in the first inning. Matthews would keep things down to one run at the top of the 1st.  

The Saints started their offense with a pair of singles from Mason Hammonds (Tarleton State) and Jared Quandt (Hawaii) and a round of stolen bases to put them on second and third. Jack Little (Wichita State) then hit a single to bring in a two-run RBI and put the Saints on top early. It was Jack Little’s first game for the Saints and he certainly showed people what he is capable of. The 1st inning would be the last time the Saints’ held a lead in the game. 

The Foresters unleashed a series of powerful swings in the next two innings to give themselves a comfortable 5-2 lead heading into the fourth inning. Peyton Cariaco (Kent State) stepped up to the mound in the fourth inning to pitch a scoreless inning. Jared Quandt (Hawaii) also made an impressive diving catch in the fourth inning to force an out.  

Instead of succumbing to defeat the Saints continued to respond to the Foresters’ strength. Alex Birge (Wichita State) continues to excel in his game by hitting the Saints’ first home run of the season. The ball came off the bat at a whopping 101 mph EV and went 364 feet. When asked about the first home run for the Saints, Birge said “Feels good. I just put a good swing on it and I have been trying to do that”. He continues to be a massive force for the Saints’ offense.  

Defensively the Saints continued to hold on in the 5th inning. Cariaco dominated on the mound pitching another scoreless inning. He has pitched 4 scoreless innings for the Saints now. 

Into the 6th inning, the Foresters put up another run from a set of walks and a single. The Saint’s pitchers faced a tough challenge at the strength of the Foresters’ bats but managed to keep them on their toes and show resilience throughout the game. 

The 7th and 8th innings were a real test for the Saints’ defense as the Foresters racked up two more runs to make the score 8-3. Despite the large deficit in the score, the Saints maintained their energy and pursuit of a victory. In the 8th inning, Jack Little managed to get another base hit for the Saints to try and get the momentum going again. At his first game, he showed unwavering spirit and talent. When asked about what he brings to this talented Saints’ team he replied “I think I’ll bring a good bat and hopefully hit for average. I also think I am a pretty good defender and just a good athlete in general”. That athleticism was on full display Tuesday night from both sides of the field. Little joins Wichita State teammates McDonald and Birge in the batting lineup and adds great strength to the team’s chemistry.  

The final inning of the game showcased the Foresters’ offensive power. They went for four more runs to have the final score be 12-3.  

The result may not have favored the Saints’ but their performance tonight highlighted their potential and ability to be resilient. They faced a very strong opponent and pushed themselves to become better as a team. The Saints will undoubtedly take this as a learning experience and look forward to a rematch on Thursday night against the Foresters again. This game served as a testament to the team’s character and ability to compete with a high-level team. While the result may not have followed the effort, the Saints’ have a lot to look forward to in the upcoming season. 

The Saints will travel to Santa Barbara next to face the Foresters again hoping to pick up their first win in league play still. The game will be played at Pershing Park on Thursday at 6:00 pm PST. Make sure to tune in as the Saints look for redemption. Watch the game live on our Youtube Channel 


  • Saints Reporter Madison Rogers (University of Washington)
  • Saints Photographer Sonny Tapia (Cal State Long Beach)





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