The Saints Triumph Over the Foresters in an Exhilarating 5-2 Win

Santa Barbara, CA- The Saints faced off against the Foresters Thursday night in a thrilling battle. The Saints emerged victorious in a game against a highly regarded team with both teams showing exceptional skills and unmatched determination. Ultimately it was the Saints who outshone the Foresters and showed what they’re capable of offensively and defensively. 

The Saints started things off with Caleb Reyes (Cal Poly Pomona) on the mound. Reyes pitched 3 scoreless innings for the Saints and kept the Foresters at bay. Reyes set the tone for the team and started the Saints off strong.  

Offensively the Saints came off hot early. Jaime Perez (Tarleton State) hit a double to center field in the third inning that gave the Saints the momentum they needed to get on the board first. Perez would go on to score off of a wild pitch to make the score 1-0 Saints. Perez was a force to be reckoned with on both sides of the field. When asked about his preparation for the big game he said, “I just stayed true to myself, I’m not the type of hitter to hit 3 home runs a game but I know that I can get on base and try to make things happen for the team”. He certainly did just that for the Saints, having 2 hits and 2 runs in the game. 

The Saints were hungry for action at the top of the 5th inning and energy was high for the team. Mason Hammonds (Tarleton State) and Alec Jones (Cincinnati) brought in a total of 3 runs to expand the Saint’s lead to 4-1. It was Jones’s first game with the Saints and he proved that he will be a valuable player this summer. The Forester’s pitchers struggled to stop the Saints. The batters showcased their versatility and skill while displaying a sense of calmness and poise. 

In the middle innings, Kevin Warunek (Longwood) stepped up to pitch for the Saints. Warunek only allowed one run and had 3 strikeouts for the Saints. Warunek navigated the opposing lineups with precision and took control of the game. 

To no surprise, Alex Birge (Wichita State) came up big for the Saints. Birge went for another solo home run to give the Saints a 5-1 lead against the Foresters. Birge has made a name for himself on the team and continues to showcase his skills and strength. Birge credits his ability to persevere through adversity to his teammates in the dugout cheering him on. The support could be heard from the stands as Birge made his way around the bases. 

The Saints finished things off with 3 different pitchers. Aaron Treloar (New Mexico State), Anthony Gianette (LA Tech), and Matthew Holzhammer (Tarleton State). They combined for 6 strikeouts and only one run allowed to end the game at 5-2. The pitching was back on track for the Saints after a tough game against the Foresters on Tuesday night. The relievers extinguished any hopes of a comeback and showed pinpoint accuracy. 

The game ended with a sliding catch from Jared Quandt (Hawaii) to give the final out. It was a well-deserved victory for the Saints. The players were buzzing with excitement to get their long-awaited first league game win. Their relentless effort propelled them to victory and was a testament to their teamwork, resilience, and commitment to the game. 

The Saints are back in action on Friday when they face the Academy Barons in Compton, CA. The first pitch is set for 6:00 pm PST. Watch the matchup live on our Youtube Channel. 


  • Saints Reporter Madison Rogers (University of Washington)
  • Saints Photographer Angie Martinez (Mount Saint Mary’s University)





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